My name is Becca (as if my business name didn’t already give that away) and I’m so excited you’re here! A little backstory on me… I worked in a photography studio for 5 years, photographed my first wedding in 2014, graduated with a BFA in Photography from Wayne State in 2015, and I started my photography journey with film so that will probably be a recurring theme in my life forever!

I have a little boy who I love to death (this also means I have no problem working with kids!) and I'm always down to travel! 

Let's get started planning your dream session!

Hey friend!!

About me

Natural with a bit of a punch! True to life colors, dark blacks, and a bit on the warmer side, I want you to be able to relive your day just as it was, just a little more enhanced!

My style

Though I’m based out of Southeast Michigan, I’m absolutely willing and eager to travel to wherever you’d like! Want to stay close and explore the coast of Michigan? I’m there! Want to check out a new city across the country? Count me in! Thinking about going international to say your vows? Where do I sign up?! As long as it’s somewhere and something meaningful to you, I’d love to be the one to tag along and capture all of your biggest moments!

Prefer to stay local? Want to go on an adventure? I'm in!

The little bee you see everywhere in my branding? That’s for my son Jack. I love Harley and traveling with my son whenever I get the chance. My hair (typically) changes color every six to eight weeks so it’ll probably be different every time you see me! Also, I, A LOT. So, if that's your thing (aka you're a little quirky like me) I think we'll get along just fine!

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